Mean Streets

This is a great anthology! I usually don’t like them but I have run across some great ones recently and this is one of them. All of these authors have running series that these stories take place in. I only read Kat Richardson but I didn’t have a hard time following the other stories at all. In fact, the stories were so well done that I am tempted to try the other authors. Come to think of it I did read the first Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher a while back so that might have helped a little.
The first story, The Warrior by Jim Butcher takes place in his Harry Dresden series. I believe it takes place between the last novel and the one coming out in April. Harry helps out a friend of his, whether his friend likes it or not. I really enjoyed this look into the Dresden Files and I think I will be diving into it at some point, when I get the time.
The second, The Difference a Day Makes by Simon R. Green takes place in his long running Nightside series which I have not tried. There are a lot of books in this series but from this story I could see it appealing to a wide range of readers. There was some science fiction, some urban fantasy, the undead, and magic. His main character John, is a gray knight, noble but tarnished. This was a good choice to follow up Jim Butcher.
Then there is my personal favorite, The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog by Kat Richardson. The title itself is so puzzling that I couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out. Every time Ms. Richardson sits down to create a new Harper Blaine story, she brings something new to the table. She has the wonderful talent of mixing history with ghosts and she does it perfectly.
The last one, Noah’s Orphans by Thomas E. Sniegoski rounds out this anthology. This story about Remy Chandler fallen warrior angel, was very intriguing. Sariel, another fallen angel, calls on Remy while he is mourning the loss of his wife to solve a case for him. Remy works as a private investigator, trying to be as human as possible. Unfortunately, it is hard to stay human when you are investigating the murder of Noah, THE Noah with the Ark.
All in all, I must say the authors did remarkable jobs. They told great stories that didn’t require the reader to have read the series and that is really hard to do. At the same time, they made the stories so intriguing that it piqued my interest in the various series. This was a solid enjoyable anthology that I would highly recommend.

Re-Issued Review: Original Release Date: 2009-01-08

Book Blurb for Mean Streets

From four of today's hottest fantasy authors-all-new novellas of dark nights, cruel cities, and paranormal P.I.s.

The best paranormal private investigators have been brought together in a single volume-and cases don't come any harder than this.

New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher delivers a hard-boiled tale in which Harry Dresden's latest case may be his last.

Nightside dweller John Taylor is hired by a woman to find something she lost-her memory-in a thrilling noir tale from New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green.

National bestselling author Kat Richardson's Greywalker finds herself in too deep when a "simple job" goes bad and Harper Blaine is enmeshed in a tangle of dark secrets and revenge from beyond the grave.

For centuries, the being that we know as Noah lived among us. Now he is dead, and fallen-angel-turned-detective Remy Chandler has been hired to find out who killed him in a whodunit by national bestselling author Thomas E. Sniegoski.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.25