Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles, Book 4

Ms. Stein has quite a character on her hands with Anna Strong. This is the fourth installment in the series. Anna has only been a vampire for six months but she has had quite a time of it. She has kept the secret of her new existence from her business partner David and her family. She is doing her best to continue to live as a human. Her mentor, Police Chief Williams has been urging her from the beginning to cut her ties to her family and embrace her new undead life. During Christmas shopping with her niece, Anna runs into Gloria, David’s girlfriend. She asks to speak to Anna in private. Anna hates Gloria with a passion but is intrigued by the invitation. She comes to Gloria’s restaurant after taking Trish home. Gloria proceeds to hire Anna to get her business partner Rory O’Sullivan to stop trying to force her to have an affair with him. Things escalate when Gloria is later taken in for questioning in the matter of O’Sullivan’s murder. Also in the mix is that a werewolf named Sandra has come calling. She says she is Avery’s widow, the vampire that turned Anna. She wants to meet with Anna to discuss the inheritance of Avery’s possessions. With immortality, Anna has all the time in the world but will she have enough time to handle Gloria and Sandra?
Anna’s world is complex and well thought out. Anna is such a believable character in the way she reacts and thinks. While she doesn’t always make the best decisions, she is always looking out for the people she cares about with little thought to herself. There is a lot that goes on in each of the Anna Strong books so I would advise starting at the beginning with The Becoming. I would urge anyone who is a fan of urban fantasy to try this series. Anna is not the typical urban heroine and these books are really unique.

Book Blurb for Legacy


Anna has struggled to adapt to her supernatural status while clinging to the vestiges of her humanity. Now she must deal with her legacy. The sinister vampire who transformed her is dead, and Anna is entitled to his vast fortune. But a predatory werewolf comes forward, claiming the inheritance as her own—and she’ll kill to get what she wants most: blood and money.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00