Her Sky Cowboy

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Her Sky Cowboy

The Glorious Victorious Darcys

I have a fondness for steampunk ever since I discovered it. When I saw Ms. Ciotta’s book Her Sky Cowboy, I was intrigued. Cowboys and steampunk sounded like a winning combo to me. As I made my way through the tale of Amelia and Tucker, I felt like I had missed a previous book in the series. Old Worlders, New Worlders, Freaks and other terminology was rather overwhelming and knocked me out of the story. I found the addition of time travel with music and ideals from the future influencing the past very intriguing. But I never understood of how that occurred which lessened my enjoyment. I loved how resourceful and capable Amelia was. I never get tired of a heroine who can save herself and the hero as well. Not to mention that Tucker’s ability to take that in stride and admire her for it was refreshing. Overall, this was a quirky read that I wish had come with a prologue or novella to set the stage. The next book, His Clockwork Canary will be available in June 2013.

Amelia is on a mission to complete a quest to find an invention of historical significance to honor the Queen. This will mean clearing her father’s reputation for inept inventions and restoring the family’s finances. Off she sets for Italy hoping to find a lost invention of Da Vinci’s and falls into Tucker Gentry’s life. Infamous Tucker is a hero of the dime novels and the one man who has always struck Amelia’s fancy. Joining forces, Tucker and Amelia find that the best treasure is in each other’s arms. Will fate conspire to keep them together or forever apart?

Book Blurb for Her Sky Cowboy

Amelia Darcy has no interest in marrying well. Her heart belongs to the sky and the dirigibles of brass and steel that swoop over Victorian England. But when her father, an eccentric inventor, dies, the Darcy siblings are left with scrap metal—and not a penny to their names. Their only hope to save the family name and fortune is to embark on a contest to discover an invention of historical importance in honor of Queen Victoria. Armed with only her father’s stories of a forgotten da Vinci workshop, a mechanically enhanced falcon, and an Italian cook, Amelia takes flight for Florence, Italy. But her quest is altered when her kitecycle crashes into the air ship of ex–Air Marshal—and scandalous dime novel hero—Tucker Gentry. Challenged by political unrest, a devious sky pirate, and their own sizzling attraction, Amelia and Tuck are dragged into an international conspiracy that could change the course of history…again.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.00