Heart Secret

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Heart Secret

Heart Mate Series

It is such a joy to sit down with a Celta novel by the lovely Ms. Owens. This series has grown, expanding outside the limits of Druida City showing us more of the world. In Heart Secret, we return to the city and the secret sanctuary BalmHeal estate. Artemesia is a lovely woman and she hides how much it hurt to have the city turn against her and her family. Garrett is so stubborn, refusing to accept Artemesia and he hurts her terribly. His pain and loss has made it impossible for him to move on in any way. His experiment with the Healers forces him to change. The mystery that weaves through the story was intricate and had me seeing suspects everywhere. Heart Secret is another lovely addition to my keeper shelf and I highly recommend it.

Healer Artemesia lives on the BalmHeal Estate, the sanctuary of Druida City, with her family hiding from disgrace. Using another family name, she has been able to practice her profession in the city. She knows she has a Heartmate but he has never come forward. Garrett, a private investigator, is the sole survivor of an outbreak of a horrible disease that cost him the woman he loved. Cases have continued to crop up and the healers approach him each time to use his blood to treat their patients. The Healers come to him again, wanting to experiment on him in a controlled environment in order to find a way to combat the disease. They propose he be sequestered and reintroduce the disease to him. A Healer, Artemesia will care for him, monitor and record all the data. This forces him to acknowledge Artemesia and get to know her. But grief and loss have consumed him, or so he thinks, leaving no room for Artemesia. When an investigation forces them to spend more time together, will it be enough to keep them together?

Book Blurb for Heart Secret

On the faraway planet Celta, there are some things you can never tell—until someone discovers your Heart Secret…

When a virulent disease killed the woman he loved and her baby, Garrett Primross was left alive, a reluctant survivor. Now, as a private eye, he strives to banish the memories of his past and rebuild his life. The Healers of Celta have something else in mind: Discover why he survived.

He is monitored by Healer Artemisia Panax—his HeartMate, a love he never pursued. Still mourning his loss, he refuses to acknowledge her. Since her family was publicly disgraced, she's used to such treatment. She wants nothing more than to guard her livelihood and protect the secrets she's sworn to keep.

Thrown together by duty, Garrett and Artemisia find the body of the last Black Magic Cultist who ruined her family. Suspicion flares, but they have little choice but to investigate the crime together. When their own lives are placed in danger, they realize that denying their HeartMates is only denying their own future.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00