Heart Search

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Heart Search

A Celta Novel

Initially, I started Heart Search with only a vague recollection of the two main characters, Laev and Camellia. Usually, I remember who everyone is, no matter what, because Ms. Owens does an incredible job making each character distinct and unique. I was quite disappointed in myself that I didn't remember these characters. But I just went with it, hoping that my memory would kick in. I later discovered that Heart Search takes place about 12 years after the previous books in the series. I was so relieved that I wasn't losing my memory since I have spent many happy hours in the world of Celta.

I wasn't sure what to make of Laev at first. He seemed very cool and distant, too wrapped up in his position and such. But as I saw him interact with his apprentice and others, saw how he punished himself for his mistake; my opinion softened. Camellia was easy to like, so much drive and ambition to overcome her past. Her father and uncle are miserable, abusive individuals and my heart just ached for her. I hoped and prayed that they would get what was coming to them. You will just have to read the book to find out if they do! Watching Laev and Camellia come together as a couple was very sweet as I really wasn't sure they would. They were both so hurt, so wary of making another mistake. Ms. Owens continues to expand and deepen the reader's knowledge of Celta and its history. Interesting flora and fauna, a unique society, tragedies and triumphs, and awesome characters all come together in one of the richest worlds in the fantasy genre.

As of this time, Ms. Owen's has confirmed that more Celta stories will be published including a collection of short stories/novellas titled Hearts & Swords and a book titled Heart Secret. Thank you Ms. Owens for this wonderful series!

Book Blurb for Heart Search

Laev T'Hawthorn -- one of the highest nobles in the land -- must rebuild his life after a devastating mistake.  He married a woman he believed was his HeartMate, only to learn she was a greedy social climber.  She callously used him, stealing his family heirlooms.  He is determined to reclaim all that he has lost -- beginning with his self-respect.

Abandoned at fifteen, Camellia Darjeeling values her independence above all.  She's fought to establish her own businesses -- elegant tearooms -- only to have her father and uncle re-enter her life.  They emotionally scourge her and extort money.  Trusting men, even her HeartMate, is too risky.

When Laev and Camellia meet, they refuse to acknowledge that they are true HeartMates.  After her shady relatives are implicated in the theft of Laev's property, Camellia and Laev's lives become ever more entangled bringing each to the brink of despair and passion...and a destiny they can no longer avoid.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.50