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The Mutant Files, #3

Detective Lee is focused on one thing, catching the Bonebreaker and bringing him in to be punished for his crimes. Unfortunately, political forces have culminated in an attack on LA by the Aztec Empire. In the confusion of the assault, Lee must rescue the mayor and protect the city. The Bonebreaker steps up his game to finally get Lee into his clutches and take his revenge. Will Lee finally capture her father’s killer before it is too late?

I really was looking forward to the conclusion of The Mutant Files. Cassandra Lee has been a strong, resourceful cop and I have really enjoyed her search for the serial killer that murdered her father, the Bonebreaker. Unfortunately, Graveyard fell short of the mark. Cassandra’s personality shifted from focused cop to concerned girlfriend when her boyfriend psychologist is arrested for murder. She divides her focus between helping get him free and searching for the Bonebreaker. Added to the confusion is an attack by The Aztec Empire that frankly just muddied the waters of this tale. I kept waiting for her to finally confront the Bonebreaker, something readers have been waiting for since the first book. When things finally come to a head, I was left feeling confused and disappointed. Graveyard left this reader feeling conflicted and ultimately sad. If you have read the first two books in The Mutant Files, Deadeye and Redzone, and liked them then I recommend you skip Graveyard.

Book Blurb for Graveyard

The national bestselling author of Redzone and the Legion of the Damned novels continues his “gripping and intriguing”* post-apocalyptic story about an L.A. cop in a mutant-filled world...

2069, Los Angeles. Decades after a bioterrorist attack decimated the population and left many of the survivors horribly mutated, the “norms” have forced mutants into dangerous areas known as red zones. And the tensions between the two groups are threatening to boil over...

LAPD detective Cassandra Lee is known for her single-mindedness, and right now, she’s got only one goal—track down the Bonebreaker, the man who murdered her father. But her quest for justice is derailed when LA comes under attack.

The Aztec Empire, a Central American group determined to take back the U.S. territories that their Spanish ancestors once controlled, has led a mutant army into California. Suddenly caught in the middle of a war, Lee must put all her energy into keeping her city safe while unearthing the political secrets of LA’s shady mayor. And with the Bonebreaker hunting her down, losing focus even for a second could mean death...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.00