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Good Luck

What would you do if you won the lottery? How would you react if you won the lottery after having the worst day of your life? I don’t know how many times my husband and I have sat around fantasizing about how we would help members of our family, charities we would donate to. What so many people don’t realize is how it changes not just how you live but how people react to you and how you react to the world. Lucy Parker goes to work on an ordinary day. She teaches English at a preparatory school in a small town in Florida. She is called into the principal’s office and informed that there was a sexual accusation against her by a male student. In order to keep that student’s rich family’s donations coming, the school had no choice but to fire Lucy. The hits kept coming Lucy’s way when her car brakes down. While walking home, she decides to buy a ticket in the state lottery worth eighty-seven million dollars. Life just gets weird after that. Will Lucy figure out who she is and have a happily ever after?
I was expecting a lighter book, but right from the start I liked Lucy. She is a genuinely nice person who has definitely run into a rough patch. Lucy has a hard time adjusting to being rich and having so many people knowing the circumstances of that winning lottery. Relationships change under the influence of so much money. She really grows up and discovers what is really important to her. Get to know Lucy and you will look at the lottery billboards a little differently.

Book Blurb for Good Luck

Read the book that Booklist praises as an emotional roller coaster of a novel!

Lucy Parker wins the lottery on the worst day of her life. But can all the money in the world make up for a cheating boyfriend, a derailed career, and ending up in the middle of a media circus? Everyone wants a piece of Lucy…and all she wants is to escape from it all.

After life as she knows it falls apart, Lucy heads off to Palm Beach to hide out at the home of an old college friend. There, living in a tropical paradise of millionaires, Lucy acquires a new hair color, a new social set, and enough anonymity to put her notoriety behind her. Soon she's courted by two men who don’t know her history.

But just as Lucy begins to envision a new life for herself, the past catches up with her. Lucy would give up every penny to have her old life back—but just as she’s ready to cash it all in, fate has one last surprise in store for her…one that will show her exactly what she’s worth.

GOOD LUCK will be released on October 28, 2008, by Bantam Dell!

Available in ebook, paperback and trade paperback.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.50