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A Novel of the Kyndred

Lilah just wanted to stay off the radar. She knew that her ability to control the minds of animals would be dangerous to her freedom. But she still had to eat so what better job to have than an animal control officer. When she rescues some kids from a bear, it is caught on camera! Within hours it is being reported to GenHance, a company that will do anything to get a hold of DNA from humans who are special. Before she can make arrangements to disappear, she is found and winds up in the back of a truck groggy from drugs and handcuffed to a stranger. The stranger is Walker, a soldier who was injured in Afghanistan. He is also different from your average soldier and is being taken for experimentation. It was his lucky day to wake up attached to Lilah. It gives him a reason to go on, a reason to survive if only to protect her. Now the two of them are desperate to get away from GenHance and make it to safety. When they escape the truck, they are on a remote mountain in the middle of winter. There is only a small town nearby that isn’t what it seems but it is their only chance for survival. When everyone has secrets, who do you trust?
I love Ms. Viehl’s books as is obvious from previous reviews. I anxiously await every one. What I find remarkable though, is even though I love her work, it still takes me by surprise. You would think after so many years of following an author that they wouldn’t have any more tricks up their sleeve. Ms. Viehl, for me, is the best author out there today for amazing complex stories. Every book and even series is full of twists and turns that, until she is ready to reveal it, are hiding the most number of a-ha moments. You know those moments where you finally figure out what was alluded to ten chapters ago or even a book ago and you say a-ha! Or in the case of Frostfire, I was sitting on my couch with my mouth hanging open. I couldn’t believe some of the twists this book took! You are kept quite in the dark as to who Walker really is until the end and I still am in shock over it. Lilah is an amazing heroine, as usual. I was blown away by her power and her capacity for forgiveness as well as rage and love. So compelling and absorbing was this book that a lot of stuff got put on hold while I devoured it so clear your schedule beforehand. Even as I was thumbing through it again for this review, I found myself pulled back into the story. Give yourself a gift and pick up Frostfire!

Book Blurb for Frostfire

As one of the genetically enhanced Kyndred, Lilah's mind-reading powers make her vulnerable to a mysterious biotech company willing to murder to acquire her superhuman DNA. But her true fear may come from her own Kyndred brethren...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00