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A Novel of the Darkyn

This is the fifth installment in the story of the Darkyn. I loved this series when it started out and then became tired of vampire romances in general. I picked this one up out of habit and a mild interest to see how Ms. Viehl would handle both the heroine and the hero being Darkyn. Boy, I glad I did. This book was incredible. I had forgotten how original Ms. Viehl's take on vampires is.

Jayr is the only female seneschal in the history of the Darkyn. She has served Aedan mac Byrne since she rose to walk the night. Aeden is a Scottish hottie a la Braveheart with blue tattoos on his face and a dislike of technology and anything else modern. Both have the hots for the other but keep it hidden, which I love! Robin of Sherwood has quite a large roll in this as well. He is a great character and I hope we see him get a book all his own. We also catch up with Alex and Michael from the first book, If Angels Burn. This book has it all, chemistry to beat the band, hot love scenes, intrigue, and most of all a compelling voice that kept me in my seat.

If you haven't read the Darkyn books, I urge you to go out and get them. It is apparent that Ms. Viehl does her homework for it shows on every page. Her work is flawless and I will be haunting the bookstore until the next book is out.

Book Blurb for Evermore

The NEW YORK TIMES and USA Today bestselling Darkyn series continues...

Jayr is proud to be the only female ever permitted to serve as seneschal to a Darkyn lord. But in her centuries of service to Master Byrne, she has fallen in love with him. Now, Byrne plans to step down and hand over the Jardin to another Kyn lord-a move that threatens not only Jayr's position, but her very life...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.75