The Dark Ink Chronicles, #3

Riley has been through a lot in the last two books. Her life has been totally rearranged, and some of it she isn’t too happy about. She wants to have her old life back. Her anger and frustration add to the changes taking place in her own body. Strange dreams start to haunt Riley, so vivid and realistic that she starts to wonder if she is evolving into a monster like Valerian. Riley becomes so volatile that she can no longer hide what is going on from Eli and the gang. By then she is so far gone that they must resort to asking Victorian for help. And let’s not forget, Valerian is still out there making newling vampires to spread his evil throughout the city. Will Riley finally accept her new life and Eli or will she continue to fight it until it is too late?

I had high hopes for the third book in the Dark Ink Chronicles and I was not disappointed. Everdark ended on a cliffhanger and Eventide takes up right where we left off. Riley has always been a stubborn, tough, independent chick. That independence has kept her from committing to Eli completely. It also leads her to hide her transformation until it is almost too late. Her denial of anything being wrong would be annoying in anyone else but in her it is just part of who she is. Ms. Jasper is amazingly adept at having her characters stay true to their personalities; including Eli and his overprotectiveness. Ms. Jasper is an author to watch! She has used the gothic setting of Savannah and now Romania to its best advantage. She has also taken this series to a global level, adding depth and an intriguing cast of characters that I can’t wait to see more of! Eventide is an action-packed trip into the heart of Riley’s journey and I can’t wait to see where she and Eli go from here.

Book Blurb for Eventide

Newly-bitten tattoo artist Riley Poe feels herself changing in unimaginable ways. Eli Dupre, her vampire lover, has seen the change in her and fears for her humanity. His rival, Victorian, tells her she must see the patriarch of the vampire cult that attacked her to save her soul. In the vampire cult's fortress in Romania, Riley will face her worst fears-and the dark powers threatening to destroy her. And she'll have to do the one thing she's been determined not to do-put her trust in Eli.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50