Dream Called Time

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Dream Called Time

Stardoc Series

Well, I am sad to say that this is the final volume in the StarDoc series. It is a unique perspective that I come from in that I hadn’t been in Cherijo’s head until I read Dream Called Time. When I picked up Omega Games, Jarn was in control of Cherijo’s body and I was quite saddened by her departure at the end of Crystal Healer. But my heart ached for Cherijo as she learns of the time she has lost with her daughter, that someone else was mother in her stead. The situation with Reever and how he dealt with someone else inhabiting her body was stunning and she handles it as best she can. At one point, I thought there was no way that they would figure out a way out of the rift much less save the universe. As the story unfolds, threads from previous books weave into the tale so skillfully that no questions are left unanswered. When I got the end, I was perfectly content. Now that the series is complete, I am going to start the series from the very beginning and consume them one after another so I can bask in this complex, fascinating world that Ms. Viehl has imagined. The descriptions of people, places, all of it, puts you right there as if someone was projecting a movie right into your brain. The aliens are so unique I would love to see someone try to come up with the special effects needed to put it on the big screen.
Ms. Viehl always delivers a compelling story so don’t miss this dramatic sci-fi adventure.

Book Blurb for Dream Called Time

From the national bestselling author of the Crystal Healer

The newest book in the thrilling Stardoc series

Dispatched to investigate an unidentified ship that has emerged from a mysterious rift in space, Cherijo discovers technology far more advanced than anything she's ever seen. Before she can unravel the alien ship's mystery, Cherijo's own ship is sucked into the rift and transported through time. Unless she can find a way to reopen the rift, they will remain trapped in another time. And Cherijo will never see her family-which she's only just been reunited with-again...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50