Divine Misdemeanors

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Divine Misdemeanors

Meredith Gentry Series #8

Life has gotten back to normal for Princess Meredith; well, as normal as it gets for a faerie princess who has given up on being heir to the throne of the Unseelie court. Except now she has a larger hoard of people to feed so employment is important. So she is back to work for the Grey Detective Agency. And part of that work is consulting with the LAPD on cases involving the fey. So, on a beautiful day, Merry, Frost, and Doyle are called to a scene that is disturbing to say the least. Demi-fey murdered and then posed like an illustration from a book of fairy tales. That by itself would be bad enough, but then it happens again. Merry may have turned down the throne but she still feels responsible to her people. Can she find the killer before the killer targets someone she cares deeply about?
If you have followed along with this series thus far then you won’t want to miss this one. Merry’s world is one that I enjoy visiting especially because it is so very apparent that Ms. Hamilton has done her research into the true tales behind the fairy stories. I quite liked the fact that although Merry loves some of her guards, especially Frost and Doyle she doesn’t feel that way about all of them. If she did I wouldn’t feel like her emotions were genuine. I also liked that she doesn’t know a whole lot about her men and that she is slowly discovering more about them. The murders are quite disturbing and I really enjoyed seeing them figure out who done it. The escalating tension among her people as they regain powers that have been lost to them for a long time is a nice addition. I appreciate the fact that there are consequences to Merry’s decisions, sometimes ones she can anticipate and others that come as a surprise to her. The Goddess obviously has an agenda and is using Merry and her people to bring it to fruition. The other exiled fey are really a cool part of this series and I hope we see more of them especially the Fear Dearg. I hope that Merry doesn’t take any large leaps of power at this point in the series as I want to enjoy a gradual climb to the ultimate conclusion. There is a lot more of this world for Ms. Hamilton to explore and I am sure I will be tuning in for more.
Re-Issued Review: This book is now in mass market paper back as of 7/27/2010. Originally reviewed on 1.10.2010

Book Blurb for Divine Misdemeanors

Following on the heels of the heart-stopping conclusion to Swallowing Darkness, Laurell K. Hamilton and Meredith Gentry are back!

Between dark faerie magic and the deepest desires lies the world of Meredith Gentry, princess, private eye, and powerful player in a game of supernatural sexual intrigue. The tension in this extraordinary saga continues to mount as Merry, pregnant with twins, refuses the throne of faerie and retreats with her bodyguards to Los Angeles in an attempt to protect the new life growing within her. Both the deadly destructive factions of the faerie courts -- as well as those who would worship her -- will be equally dangerous to her attempts to create a peaceful haven for her unborn children.

Filled with riveting twists, this new novel adds yet another unforgettable chapter to a story that is both epic and breathtaking.

This book is now in Hard Cover and in Mass Market Paperback (7/27/2010).

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.00