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Edie Spence, #4

Having just closed the cover on Deadshifted, I can honestly say that I hope more people take notice of this author. Cassie Alexander is quickly becoming my go-to when I want creepy realistic urban fantasy with unusual characters. While there are the requisite vamps and weres, there are zombies, sirens, dragons, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The writing is smooth and surprisingly gritty. There is a bleakness to this world, a fatalistic tone that creeps through, most likely due to the author’s day job as a working nurse. The medical details in each book make this series unique to the genre in the best possible way. The stakes keep getting raised for Edie, a regular human trying to make her way in a supernatural world. Not knowing what might happen next to Edie or anyone else makes this reader wholly invested in the world and its citizens. I highly recommend the Edie Spence books, they are urban fantasy at its finest.

Edie Spence is surprised to find herself on a cruise ship taking an honest-to-goodness vacation. No drug addicts, no sick babies, no clinic for two weeks as she and her boyfriend Asher cruise to Hawaii. While her life has certainly never been normal, that is exactly what she is hoping for on this trip. But before she can get into the swing of things, Asher sees a man from his past; a man that he would have liked to avoid at all costs. He knows Nathaniel cannot really be here on a vacation, that he must have an ulterior motive. That hunch turns to certainty when the man’s son falls ill. As more people get sick, it is obvious that this is not a natural sickness. Asher needs to know for sure and leaves Edie in the safety of their room. When he doesn’t return, it up to Edie to find out what is going on and find the man she loves before it is too late. Will Edie be able to save Asher and a handful of survivors or will they all succumb to the sea?

Book Blurb for Deadshifted

Edie Spence just wanted a vacation. A nice, relaxing, stress free, non-adventure away from the craziness that's dominated her life since becoming a nurse for paranormal creatures. But from the start, her trip on the Maraschino, a cruise ship bound for Hawaii, has been anything but stress free, especially when Edie's boyfriend Asher recognizes someone he used to know. Someone from his not-so-nice past. With their lives in the balance, will Edie and Asher be able to save their growing family or will this adventure be their end?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50