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The Mutant Files, #1

This United States of the near future is divided into mutants and norms. Biological warfare unleashed by terrorists infected the population, killing lots and mutating the survivors. Born into this world, Detective Cassandra Lee of the Los Angeles Special Investigative Section sees herself as a good cop and a decent person. A fierce loner, she is on a mission to solve her father’s murder. Unfortunately, she isn’t allowed to pursue the serial cop killer known as the Bonebreaker. Instead she brings down as many criminals as she can during working hours. Then the leader of the Church of Human Purity’s daughter is kidnapped by mutants in broad daylight. Presumed to be taken into the red zone, Detective Lee must partner up with Deputy Ras Omo, a mutant, to save the young woman. Will Lee and Omo survive this mission, much less their partnership?

Deadeye was a really cool alternative urban fantasy. I fell into the world of mutants and norms, a world similar to our own and a terrorist scenario that seems eerily possible. Cassandra is a good cop, excelling in her job but keeps others at a distance. When she has to go into the red zone, the mutant controlled zone, I wasn’t sure how she would react. I won’t tell you how it went you will have to find out for yourself. I will say that what caught me by surprise was Deputy Omo. His mutation was confined to his face so he wears a mask that covers everything below his eyes. I liked him immediately and figured this would be a good paring of two likeable characters. Thus, I didn’t expect to be so moved by a scene when Lee goes to his house and sees his wall of masks. By the end of Deadeye, I didn’t know how things were going to end, had no idea what to expect next. What I got was a cliffhanger and a long wait until The Red Zone comes out in July of 2015! Four stars for Deadeye by William Dietz.

Book Blurb for Deadeye

The national bestselling author of the Legion of the Damned novels, "a must-read for any fan of Mil Fic," (Archaeologist’s Guide to the Galaxy) begins a brand new science fiction police procedural series...In the year 2038, an act of bioengineered terrorism decimated humanity. Those who survived were either completely unaffected or developed horrible mutations. Across the globe, nations are now divided between areas populated by ?norms” and lands run by ?mutants”?

Detective Cassandra Lee of Los Angeles’s Special Investigative Section has built a fierce reputation taking down some of the city’s most notorious criminals. But the serial cop killer known as Bonebreaker?who murdered Lee’s father?is still at large. Officially, she’s too personally involved to work on the Bonebreaker case. Unofficially, she’s going to hunt him to the ends of the earth. 

In the meantime, duty calls when the daughter of Bishop Screed, head of the Church of Human Purity, is kidnapped by mutants and taken into the red zone to be used for breeding. Assigned to rescue her, Lee must trust her new partner?mutant lawman Deputy Ras Omo?to guide her not only through the unfamiliar territory but through the prejudicial divisions between mutants and norms

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00