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Anna Strong Series, Book 6

Anna Strong is one of those characters that you root for. Anna may be a vampire but it hasn’t changed who she is. She still cares about her family, her friends, even strangers. She keeps up her human relationships and tries to keep the two worlds separate. She is more apt to fly off the handle and speak first and think about the consequences second. But that just makes you like her all the more. Chosen starts out with her and David on the job, hunting a bail jumper. While sitting in a biker bar waiting for their skip to show, Anna’s vampire side comes to the forefront and won’t be shut down. She manages to hold it together until they get the skip but has to pick a fight with David in order to get him to leave her there. She hitches a ride back to town with the cops who had shown up there looking for a suspect and picks up her Jag at the office. When she arrives home, a vamp tries to kill her in the garage. Instinct takes hold and she dispatches her attacker but not before he stabs her in the chest. Unfortunately, since she didn’t stake him, the attacker’s body reverted to what it would have looked like had it stayed a human. So there is a body to dispose of. Lance suggests taking a trip to his place in Palm Springs for the weekend and they will bury the body in the desert along the way. When they arrive in Palm Springs, Anna expects to spend a pleasant weekend forgetting that someone is trying to kill her. What she finds is far more devastating and could change her undead existence whether she wants it to or not.

By the time you reach the sixth book in a series, you have become comfortable with the characters, knowledgeable about their history. You expect consistency, a maturing of the main character and a compelling reason to continue reading the series. Some series have gone off the reservation, so to speak, at this point. Fear not, Chosen is a wonderful turning point in the Anna Strong series. Anna has had a trying time figuring out her new life. She has had to find the strength to send her family away so they aren’t in danger nor figure out why she never eats at family meals anymore. She has nursed her relationship with her business partner but perhaps, has left him in the dark a few too many times. Anna still says most of what is on her mind. But some hard facts smack her in the face and it is time for her to stop hiding from the reality that she is a vampire and possibly a very powerful, important one at that. Ms. Stein is quite adept at surprises and I couldn’t tell from chapter to chapter what could possibly happen next. Threads that had been woven throughout the entire series get tied up and some new ones get knotted in their place; that is for sure! There is no doubt in my mind that we are going to some interesting places with Anna in the future. In the end all I have to say is, keep ‘em coming, Ms. Stein. I love watching Anna kick butt!

Book Blurb for Chosen

Anna Strong's primitive vampire instincts are getting harder to control. And a new enemy wants to take advantage of that fact, for Anna has been chosen to shape the destiny of all vampires-and all humans.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50