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Hot in the Saddle Book 1

This was a refreshing paranormal in a sea of vampires and shape shifters. Ana Stillwater was on a mission to start her life over somewhere fresh. Her life had gone from bad to worse, losing her job to being beaten up by her husband, Giovanni, and a lot more in between. I liked the fact that even though she is a witch that she has problems just like the rest of us that can't be solved with the wave of a wand.

She finds herself outside Safford, Arizona with only three hundred dollars, a broken down car, and her hawk familiar, Fergi. While checking out the town for job prospects she gets hit by a truck driven by Chase Hawks. Chase is a local rancher with a secret and now a load of guilt over injuring Ana. He offers to put her up at his house until she gets on her feet. Ana agrees only if she can work for him in exchange for room and board. Ana adjusts to her new life with ease, so you know the ex-husband is going to show and try to ruin things. Chase has issues with his family that adds a nice conflict to the story.

This book was a joy to read. Ms. Stone writes some steamy love scenes. Her dialogue was very smooth and effortless. Ms. Stone handled the psychological aspects of physical abuse with tact. I loved the combination of contemporary and western; you just gotta love a cowboy and Chase is a yummy example.

I saw on the publisher's web site that there is now a sequel to Chase n' Ana featuring Chase's brother, Clay. I will be reading this one at my earliest opportunity and I urge Ms. Stone to give us more and soon!

Book Blurb for Chase'n'Ana

Chase Hawks had a good handle on life. Between his small spread in Arizona, his success on the rodeo circuit and a bevy of beautiful women always available to satisfy his urges, he figured he had control over his life.

Then fate intervened. He ran over a woman. Literally. Hit her with his truck.

Ana Stillwater had no control over her life. She’d skipped out on an abusive husband with three hundred dollars, a car that was on its last leg and a hawk named Fergi. She figured life couldn’t get any worse.

Then it did. Her car breaks down in Arizona and if that isn’t enough, she gets hit by a truck.

Which brings up the question: Just what happens when a rational, down-to-earth rancher hooks up with a quirky new age witch who can give him a hard one with just a look and likes to dance naked under the moon?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00