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Edie Spence, #5

Bloodshifted, fourth book in the Edie Spence paranormal series, is a nerve-wracking tale. This book opens where Deadshifted left off with Edie hip deep in vamp. Because of previous events, she is now a daytimer against her will. She has to hang in there and bid her time so she can escape as has no intention of staying with them until her baby is born. The vamps own a nightclub called the Catacombs which enables them to hunt basically in the open. They treat their daytimers like slaves and Edie is cut off from Asher and everyone that could help her out of this situation. Looks like Edie will really have to think on her feet if she wants to reclaim what’s left of her life.

Right from the start of Bloodshifted, you feel the tension of a ticking clock and the palpable danger Edie is facing. The events of Deadshifted, the previous book, were epic. It was a bleak part of the series especially since the circumstances kept Edie from being her usual darkly humorous self. There is no such impediment to her sarcastic wit in this entry. The living vampire Ana made a deal that saved Edie’s life. Unfortunately it simultaneously put her in a precarious position among creatures she wouldn’t trust as far as she could throw them. Thankfully, the vamp blood gives her powers that afford some protection. Edie being Edie, immediately begins planning her escape. Moving at a brisk pace with several surprises made this reader really eager for the next book! Four stars for Bloodshifted by Cassie Alexander!

Book Blurb for Bloodshifted

Ambushed. Blindfolded. Kidnapped by vampires. Edie Spence must race against time to save herself and her baby—from the nightmare that flows through her veins…As a nurse in the hospital’s secret Y4 ward, Edie has seen her share of daytimers. Once-ordinary humans who’ve tasted vampire blood, daytimers are doomed to serve their nighttime masters. Forever. And now Edie has to face something even more horrifying: she’s become one too…BLOODSHIFTED

Abducted by the vampire Raven, Edie is taken to the catacombs beneath the Catacombs, an ironically-named L.A. night club that supplies fresh blood and other favors for its vampire Masters. Edie has no intention of swapping her nurse’s uniform for a cocktail dress—not when her newborn infant needs her. But if she and Asher—her shapeshifter fiancé—can’t figure out a way to bleed Raven’s power, they may never get out of this plasma-soaked pleasure palace…undead or alive."Alexander takes her noir urban fantasy to a new level…a lively, addictive story that leaves you wanting more."—RT Book Reviews on Shapeshifted

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00