Blood Spells

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Blood Spells

Final Prophecy Series, Book 5

A fateful Spring Break trip brought Patience and Brandt together and unfolds into an evening that they can’t remember. They get married and have twin boys, not realizing that they were both a member of the Nightkeepers. Then the barrier comes to life and they are called together by the Nightkeepers king. They go from a married couple and parents to mage warriors trying to save the world. To put more of a strain on their relationship, the king decides that it is vital that their twins go into hiding to protect them. This devastates Patience and has her wondering about the cold man Brandt has become. Blood Spells opens with the Nightkeepers casting the Triad spell. When things go wrong, Brandt discovers that the key to solving their problems lies in regaining the memories from that long ago night but will they remember in time?

This is book five in the Nightkeepers series and each one is awesome! I was a little apprehensive about how she would make Brandt sympathetic since I have always seen him as a cold, unfeeling guy that didn’t seem to miss his children. But as always, Ms. Andersen gives us both sides of the relationship and makes you care about the characters, flaws and all. I really loved seeing a married couple work their way back to being in love and truly partners. Patience really examines herself and makes a conscious choice to be different, to fight against her depression and be strong. Brandt’s perspective on things, while still hard to take considering how he wasn’t there for Patience when she needed him, was enlightening. Luckily, he is aware of how he let Patience down and strives to repair their link. The Nightkeepers series is intricate and complicated and I love it! I look forward to each new volume so that I can delve deeper into this unique world. These books haven’t lost their magic and I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys high adventure a la Indiana Jones, and magic with their romance. Look for Dez and Reece’s story coming in June 2011! I can’t wait!

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Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50