And One Last Thing

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And One Last Thing

Lacey Terwilliger thought she has a good marriage with a nice husband, a beautiful house, and a comfortable life. She never thought Mike would cheat on her, up until she got a bouquet of flowers from him meant for his girlfriend! Shocked by this revelation, Lacey pours out her feelings of betrayal and anger into the monthly business newsletter that Mike convinced her to do for him. This announces to all their friends, family, and Mike’s clients and business associates his extra curricular activities and subsequent divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, it becomes a viral sensation on the Internet and with the media. To recover from the fallout from all this attention, Lacey takes off to her cabin by the lake to regroup. Too bad she isn’t alone out there. The neighboring cabin is occupied by a crime novelist that is almost as antisocial as he is sexy. Eventually they become friends (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and he encourages her to brush off her journalist skills and write a book. Will Lacey choose the joy of writing books or will the lure of a lot of cash writing divorce letters and holding on to her anger be too much?
The synopsis doesn’t do this book justice. This book was amazing! I laughed so much and liked Lacey so much that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. This book is labeled chick-lit but I think of it as a romance. Not you’re typical romance between a man and a woman but a woman who comes to love and value herself and what would be best for her. Lacey went through life doing what was expected, what everyone else wanted. She convinced herself that her life was perfect. With the devastating revelation of her husband’s affair she is forced to examine her entire life. Looking at things from this new perspective clears away the fog and reveals an empty life that Mike has arranged to suit himself and his tastes not Lacey’s. The newsletter was hilarious as was her first few encounters with her new neighbor, Lefty. Even the way he got the name Lefty is so funny it could be true. The situations that Lacey gets into never feel like they are contrived for the reader’s amusement. The lawyer Lacey hires is a great character that I would love to see more of! If you loved Ms. Harper’s Nice Girls series, I would suggest you pick up this book. There are no vampires or werewolves but her husband Mike is a total dog and his girlfriend will probably suck him dry!

Book Blurb for And One Last Thing

A romantic comedy about a woman who publishes the details of her husband's affair in his company newsletter, and then must deal with the consequences.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75