A Perfect Darkness

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A Perfect Darkness

Book One of the Offspring Series

Amy is a computer wiz, specializing in retrieving data from damaged computers. She runs her own business out of her apartment and avoids people as much as possible. She is able to see and read people’s auras but keeps that to herself. Other than that, she lives a quiet, normal life except for these incredibly sexy dreams with the same man with his face in shadow. Until one night a man named Lucas breaks into her apartment and tells her an incredible secret. She is not alone; there are others like her with unusual psychic abilities that grew up on an Army base. At least one or both of the parents of these children died mysteriously in accidents or suicide. Lucas then gives her a piece of paper with a name on it. He tells her to hide it and don’t tell the men in black who are about to barge into her apartment anything. A SWAT team breaks her door down and shoots Lucas right in front of her. She does as he asked and tells the men nothing. Fearing Lucas is dead but not willing to forget, Amy sets out to find out the truth about her past and the strange dreams that have been her only company.
Jamie Rush is the pseudonym for Tina Wainscott. I had a feeling that this wasn’t Ms. Rush’s first book when I started it. The tone of it is very similar to a suspense novel, which is Ms. Wainscott’s area of expertise. This was a really unique idea for a paranormal, similar to the TV show Dark Angel but not futuristic. I was intrigued when I started to read it and the pages just flew. Then the pacing faltered in the middle but I hung in there and was glad I did. I will be waiting eagerly for the next book in the series, Out of Darkness!

Book Blurb for A Perfect Darkness

A sexy stranger wakes Amy Shane in the dead of night with an urgent warning: he is among a group of twenty-somethings called Offspring who are being hunted…and she is one of them. Before he can tell her more, three men burst in and haul him away. To find him, and the truth, she must use the psychic ability she abhors, strike up dangerous alliances, and risk not only her heart, but her very life.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.75