Wanton Desire

Book 3 in the Wanton series

"Wanton Desires" is a romantic western with many unexpected plot twists. Emma and Joe are wonderfully complex characters, who make a great couple. Joe is the handsome cowboy, gun slinging hero romance readers will love. His past gives him a vulnerable side, and will eventually catch up with him, making for a thrilling plot twist, and just the right amount of conflict. Emma's love for Joe, even after being away from him for years, is easily felt. She'll do anything to protect him, but she's also determined to see her dream of becoming a doctor come to be. Willie is an excellent secondary character who adds to the mystery of Joe's past. Willie has her own issues, and I think, out of all the characters, Willie shows the most growth. The numerous plot twists, and foreshadowing keeps "Wanton Desires" a fast paced read, and the steamy scenes between Emma and Joe are just right. The villains in this story are all different. Each on is bad, but some are more evil than others. A surprise ending wraps up this delightful romance, and readers will be pleased with Emma and Joe's ending.

Emma has returned to her hometown to sort out her father's medical practice after his death. She has been away in Boston training to become a doctor herself, and she can't believe how much has changed in her absence. One thing that hasn't changed are her feelings for her old sweetheart, Joe Jackson. As soon as she sees him she realizes she never stopped loving him, but her life is in Boston, and now that he's the sheriff he is needed in their hometown more than ever.

Book Blurb for Wanton Desire

Heading back West, Emma wonders if Joe Jackson, the former gunslinger she once craved, will even remember her. She’s been in Boston a long time and hasn’t heard from him since she left. She still sometimes dreams of doing decadent things with the sexy man but won’t be indulging those fantasies. She isn’t planning to stay in New Mexico beyond a few days. Besides, she’s accustomed to more refined gentlemen now.

When Emma Bray temporarily returns to Elk Valley, Joe is determined not to let her rip out his heart a second time. But that’s not going to stop him from sampling her body every way he can. Seems she’s turned into a proper city woman with an uppity attitude to match. Once he gets her in his arms, he intends to strip away that attitude, right along with her clothing. He’s going to show her the erotic pleasures of the flesh and bring to the surface her every wanton desire.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00