The Lady and the Earl

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The Lady and the Earl

Seabrook Family Saga, #2

"The Lady and the Earl," the second in the Seabrook Family Saga, has compelling characters, and wonderful plot twists. Lady Amelia is vulnerable, yet learns to speak her mind, and William learns to fight for what he wants, instead of running away. William has dark family secrets that will keep readers guessing, and Stuart Spencer is a great new character who adds another layer to the story. Amelia's secret is one I've read one too many times, but she is relatable and her grief adds to her likability. I finally feel like I have truly met Thomas Seabrook. Christine Donovan gives Thomas a fairly large part in "The Lady and the Earl," and readers will see a softer and gentler duke. The villain in this story is utterly evil, and I found myself finishing the book too soon with my need to know what foul thing he would do next. I found "The Lady and the Earl" an exciting read worth staying up all night to finish.


Lady Amelia Seabrook's fiance has been killed, and now she finds herself alone at her family's estate. When she meets the reclusive earl next door, Amelia finds herself feeling happy again. To her surprise the earl arrives in London for the season and Amelia finds herself falling in love. But both she and the earl have past secrets they must keep from society, and one false move could mean the end of their life together.

Book Blurb for The Lady and the Earl

Lady Amelia Seabrook spends her days at her brother’s country estate, far removed from London Society. Ever since the tragic death of her betrothed, Captain Rycroft, she can’t bear the London Social Scene. Most days she can be found sitting on the banks of a small stream daydreaming about happier times with her captain. One day a stranger appears and spoils everything, or does he?

Living in self-imposed exile the past twelve years, William Spencer, the Earl of Bridgeton loves the solitude of the countryside. Some days it bothers him to read the daily papers from London and still see his name being mentioned. After twelve years one would think the gossip mongers would have someone else to gossip about. Someone else to blame for the murders he did not commit.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00