The Guns of Ivrea

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The Guns of Ivrea

Book #1

“The Guns of Ivrea” by Clifford Beal is an exciting and fast-paced fantasy. The characters are well-written and interesting and I enjoyed how the point of view changes from one character to the next throughout. Being written this way, I feel, gives each character a distinct voice, and I really got to know each one’s personality and quirks. All the different characters make the story unique and fresh.

Beal is able write well-rounded characters, and even the secondary characters come alive. The coming together of Acquel, Timandra, Stryker, Danamis, and Citala is well done and readers will be rooting for this mis-matched group of heroes. There are antagonists of all different levels. Some are mean, and other downright nightmarish, and I like the balance with many protagonists and antagonists. Still with all this going on Beal keeps everything readable and page-turning.

I found myself unable to put the book down, and read the last hundred pages or so at once, because I was so enthralled. The ending is perfectly executed and makes me want to come back for more. I highly recommend “The Guns of Ivrea” for any fantasy lover.

About the Story:

Acquel, a thief turned monk discovers something he shouldn’t about a long dead saint. Pirate Nicolo Danamis is a mercenary to the King, and after making one deal too many finds his fleet and home destroyed. Citala the daughter of the chieftain of the merfolk finds herself drawn to the human realm, but this could destroy the merfolks very existence. As the land of Ivrea begins to fall into chaos, an unlikely group of heroes finds themselves joined together to make a journey in which they discover the peace they’ve known for so long is coming to an end.

Book Blurb for The Guns of Ivrea

A swashbuckling new sea-faring fantasy series begins! A gritty, thrilling epic that reads like a cross between Patrick O'Brian and George R.R. Martin, bringing together the tang of the sea and the taste of cold steel.

Acquel Galenus, former thief and now monk of no particular skill, indifferent scribe and even worse chorister, uncovers a terrible secret under the Great Temple at Livorna that could shiver the one faith to its core. A secret that could get him killed. A secret that could enable an older, more sinister form of worship to be reborn...

Pirate princeling Nicolo Danamis, mercenary to the King and captain of the largest fleet in the island kingdom of Valdur, has made one deal too many, and enemies are now closing in to destroy him.

And Citala, fair-haired and grey-skinned, the daughter of the chieftain of the Merfolk who inhabit the waters of Valdur, finds herself implacably drawn to the affairs of men. She puts events in motion that will end her people's years of isolation but that could imperil their very existence...

All their fates will intertwine as they journey through duchies and free cities riven by political intrigue, religious fervour, and ancient hatreds. Alliances are being forged anew and after decades of wary peace, war is on the wind once again...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50