The Barbarian

The Conquerors, #6

I found "The Barbarian" it be an enjoyable read. Apart, the characters are hard to relate too and hard to warm up too. Once they're together though, Lady Amias and Stryker Bloodaxe are truly likeable characters. Amias's and Stryker's personalities mesh so well together that once the characters meet, they become personable, and I found myself liking their harsh attitudes.

Fox keeps this book clipping right along, and it is a short and to the point romance. This is the sixth book in Fox's Conquerors series, and if you, like myself, haven't read the first five, you will still easily be able to read "The Barbarian." This is a book all its own.

I liked the marriage of convenience story line. Amias's maid, Villette, ads some light comic relief and I found myself laughing at her antics. I would have liked this story more, if it hadn't felt so rushed. The characters didn't have any challenges to test their beliefs in each other, and Fox seemed to be leading up to a conflict that never happened. The climax is hard to find and uneventful. The biggest problem I had was the beginning and ending with the strange, unpleasant author in the twenty-first century. I thought the modern day story line unnecessary and wished Fox had just written more about Amias and Stryker. All in all, I found the majority of this book to be a very pleasant read.

Lady Amias has been rejected by many suitors because of her heated temper and cold demeanor. Stryker Bloodaxe could be her last chance to escape spinsterhood, or even worse. Only Stryker isn't at all what Amias had been expecting. His manor is located in the isolated moors, and his manners are lacking in refinement and civility. Stryker doesn't want a wife, but he needs money, and he's desperate enough to marry Amias, even with her reputation, for her pride purse. The two make a decision to marry for convenience, but will love find a way into their marriage, or will their quick tempers keep them from finding happiness?

Book Blurb for The Barbarian

Lady Amias has a bad temper. She's been rejected by four husbands already and Stryker Bloodaxe could be her last chance to escape spinsterhood. Unfortunately he has the civility and refinement of a randy bull, and his remote manor on the wild, Cornish moor never housed a female unless she was a servant or a whore.

Amias knows Stryker doesn't want a wife, but he needs her bride purse and he's just desperate enough to take her on, reputation and all. Whatever is required to claim the haughty lady's dowry, this ruthless warrior will do it.

Except one thing.

He'll never give his heart.

Undaunted, Amias strikes a bargain with her barbarian. After all, he has other parts to share, even if his heart is out of bounds. He may think he's unlovable, his manor uninhabitable for a lady, but she hasn't earned the name "Ami the Unbreakable" for nothing.

Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibition.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50