Declan is a self-made and successful businessman looking for some fun. So he agrees to go to an infamous brothel with his new friend. Declan catches the eye of Lady Grace the brothel’s owner, and a connection is instantly formed. Though something seems off about Lady Grace, Declan has his secrets as well, and he’ll do anything to keep Lady Grace to himself.

I have read Robin Danner’s romances in the past, and once again she does not disappoint. “Straitlaced” is a sensual, and tension filled read with memorable characters. The storyline is interesting and will capture the reader’s attention right away.

Declan is a sworn-worthy hero, with a brutal past, but a kind heart. AnnMarie is a strong heroine who does whatever it takes to keep her sister-in-law’s reputation perfect. The added love story between Violet and Thomas doesn’t take away from the story, and in fact adds to the plot.

The dialogue is witty, and fun and the romance hot and steamy. “Strailaced” is a great fast-paced read, romance lovers will enjoy.

Book Blurb for Straitlaced

In the heart of London, he finds his heart’s desire.

AnnMarie Sommers was born into a life of privilege. Married at a young age, she was prepared to step into the role of dutiful wife...until an unfortunate accident makes her a widow and leaves her nearly destitute. She takes the money she’s saved and creates Fall From Grace, an elegant bordello where society comes out to play, a place where she can give in to her wilder impulses under the guise of the bordello’s infamous madam.

Declan Raddison was raised by the streets of London. Orphaned and left to fend for himself, the only way he could survive was by being the quickest and the strongest. Now he is a proper businessman by day, but at night he allows his darker desires to run free. Visiting Fall From Grace with a nobleman at his side, he is unprepared for a vision in white, an angel who is more suited for the drawing room than a wicked bordello. When he discovers that she is the notorious madam, Lady Grace, he will stop at nothing to possess her...even if it leads to his own downfall.

Contains spanking, light BDSM, and light bondage elements

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00