Sarah, Darlin'

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Sarah, Darlin'

Irish history, romance, a sneaky villain, and mysteries: "Sarah Darlin'" has it all! Skufca Hickman uses the unique early San Francisco setting, and an enjoyable family of Irish actors to write a creative tale of love and family. "Sarah Darlin'" has just enough romance without being overly romantic. Katie, Patrick, and Mrs. Kelly were delightful characters, who gave the story some comedic moments, while also being caring, serious characters. The climax is unexpected, and the many twists give "Sarah Darlin'" a mysterious air. I am sad to have finished this book, yet content with how Skufca Hickman ends such a wonderful story.


Sarah O'Malley is an Irish aspiring actress in early San Francisco. One day she meets Englishman, Richard, and sparks fly. Sarah's aunt and uncle are suspicious of Richard, and don't trust the English. Soon after meeting Richard, the O'Malleys stubble upon a frightened fellow Irishman Sean O'Neill, and though something is off about Sean, the O'Malleys take him in. Sean finds himself falling in love with Sarah, but Sarah is not sure how she feels about Sean. When Sean is accused of murder Sarah must ask for Richard's help. Will the O'Malleys learn Sean's secrets, and will Richard or Sean prove to be Sarah's true love?

Book Blurb for Sarah, Darlin'

The early days in San Francisco are brought to life in Sarah Darlin’ as young Sarah O'Malley makes her living on stage and confronts danger on nearly a daily basis—including the dashing Richard Moresby who isn’t what he seems. --Marilyn Meredith, author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries. "Shirley Hickman hits the target in Sarah Darlin', blending romance and intrigue in this charming story of a music house singer and an English lord.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00