Debra Glass has written a sexy romance, with unexpected surprises and plot twists. Though the majority of "Rakehell" is filled with steamy passion the storyline is well developed and the conflicts and mysteries keep the book moving. Primrose is dedicated to her family, loves her husband despite his faults, and will do anything for her home. Adam grows a lot throughout the story. He moves past his shame, and pride to love Primrose and forgive his father. The unforeseen villain makes for an exciting climax. The characters are well developed for such a short story, and all have their own distinct personalities. This is a well - written, enjoyable romance, with enduring characters and a great storyline.

Primrose and Adam haven't seen each other since their wedding night, now they must reunite to make an heir, and Adam plans to stay only long enough to do that. Only they didn't except such passion from each other, and soon their passion starts to turn into something more, and now Adam must decide whether to stay with his family, or return to his rakish ways.

Book Blurb for Rakehell

Lady Primrose Black has a dilemma. Her father-in-law’s dying wish is that she reunite with her estranged husband and produce an heir. She hasn’t laid eyes on Lord Black since their wedding night five years ago, when he left Scarborough Hall in a rage.

Nevertheless, she resolves to find him, knowing once she does she will have to use every method at her disposal to entice the rake she never stopped loving.

Viscount Adam Black harbors dark needs and he will accept no less than his wife’s complete and utter surrender. Each sensual encounter leaves Primrose wanting more but as she submits to her husband’s every decadent desire, she resolves not to lose him again. For the secret that drove Adam away still haunts him. And this time it could prove fatal for them both.

Inside Scoop: This nineteenth-century heroine explores her naughty side in this Victorian romance with BDSM elements.

A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50