Pearls, Porches And Peanuts

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Pearls, Porches And Peanuts

“Pearls, Porches and Peanuts” by A.J. Llewellyn is a short and sweet romance with wonderfully developed characters, and a lovely happy ending. I am very impressed with how well-rounded and fleshed out many of these characters are. Llewellyn does a fantastic job bringing each to life, and giving them great characteristics and backstories. The two main characters, Tosh and Dagan are easy to picture, and have complex pasts and true emotions for such a short story. It was easy to want to see these two together, but to also want to see both succeed. I like that Tosh, though from the country, wasn’t a typical country boy, and that Dagan wasn’t the typical wealthy actor with a lavish lifestyle. It kept the two characters interesting and surprising. It was also easy to picture some of the secondary characters such as, Niles and even the deceased Mrs. Presley. The setting of the ranch Tosh and Dagan inherit is well done and a like the bits of humor Llewellyn threw into the story here and there: it kept the story lighthearted and fun to read. Overall, I would recommend this story, and find it to be full of personality.

Tosh’s life has recently taken a turn for the worst. Fired from his hit TV show, finding himself unable to pay his bills, and recently dumped by his boyfriend, he is finding it hard to find any glimmer of hope in his situation. However, a mysterious inheritance left to him by an eccentric stranger could turn, at least his financial situation back around, but there is a catch. Someone else inherited the property as well, and then Tosh finds out it’s his once costar, a man he can’t possibly find a happily ever after with, but finds irresistible anyways.

Book Blurb for Pearls, Porches And Peanuts

MacIntosh ‘Tosh’ Tanner has had the worst year of his life with the cancellation of his TV series, Cowboy County, and a former business manager stealing his money. And now his boyfriend has dumped him, too. He fears for his future until he receives an unexpected surprise. He’s inherited a massive, run-down ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas, from a fan. It’s worth over a million bucks. Discovering he shares this bizarre estate with another beneficiary, he wonders who it could be. Anyone would be great as long as it’s not his archenemy, Dagan Rucker.

Dagan, Tosh’s former co-star, was also swindled by the same business manager, but over his lengthy career, he invested in a lot of property. Settled in Topanga, the real cowboy heart of LA, he bought the area’s first-ever working ranch and turned it into a bed-and-breakfast. He’s happy with his life, but lonely, and thinks about Tosh often, ever since they shared a scorching encounter five years ago. He’s tried for so long to work things out with Tosh, who refuses to even consider the possibility of them being together.

This book has been previously published and re-released.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.00