Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction

“Miss Simpkins School for Seduction” by Raven McAllan is a fun, quick, and steamy historical romance book with memorable characters. Molly Simpkins, now no longer a mistress, has decided to open a school for women to learn the art of seduction. In this way she hopes to help women find the pleasure they deserve, and buck the trend of a husband finding a mistress. The story includes five women who are determined to make the man of their dreams theirs and only theirs. Flora, Lydia, Miranda, Jane, and Molly herself will put their skills to the test for true love.

“Miss Simpkins School for Seduction” is an enjoyable historical romance romp, and I enjoyed reading about more than one woman. It made the story seem more fleshed out, and like I’m reviewing multiple books instead of just one. Flora, Lydia, Miranda, Jane, Molly, and the men in their lives are well written characters who will capture readers’ attentions right away. I also like that Jane and Luke are not young lovers, and that Jane is not a debutante. This added some variety to the characters lives. Each pairing seems a perfect match, and the romance is steamy and hot. There are no real conflicts to the story, and each is more of a snapshot of a moment of one of the women’s lives. This is great in the sense that it keeps the pacing of the story quick and to the point, but I do wonder if some details are missing about the characters. Or maybe I just enjoyed them so much I want to know more. Author Raven McAllan makes sure everyone gets their happy ending in this sexy historical romance that is a perfect summer, fall, winter or spring read.

Book Blurb for Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction

A school for seduction? Scandalous.

Husbands need to be shown that given the chance, their prim and proper wives can be more fun in the bedroom than any mistress. Therefore, who better to advise the young ladies of the ton about sexual satisfaction than Molly Simpkins, the ex-mistress of an Earl?

Molly’s methods are unorthodox, and would send the dowagers into fits of apoplexy if they knew what went on behind closed doors. However, compete discretion is assured.

Meet Flora, Lydia, Miranda, Jane and Molly herself as they introduce their partners to the sexual delights to be found in relationships that flout convention.

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, sex toys

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00