Love My Children First

Family Men Book 1

"Love My Children First" is the first book in Kory Steed's Family Men series. Toby Jacobson has a nearly perfect life: a loving wife and four children with one on the way, but after his fifth child is born his wife tragically dies. To help take care of his children, he hires Cliff as his nanny. Soon desire flares between the two men, and Toby wonders if he can find love for himself and his children again.

The romance in the story is well written, and the camaraderie between characters is enjoyable and makes for great secondary characters. I especially find Jason and Aaron a likable couple, and their compassion and kindness is felt throughout the story. The children are funny and Steed makes sure to give them personality, but doesn’t let them overrun the story. Toby and Cliff makes sense as a couple, though a do wonder if their relationship happens a bit too quickly. I also feel that more setting could have been used. It is easy for the reader to find themselves unsure of where they are. The story is mostly dialogue, and could use some location to ground the reader. Some of the character description is also a bit repetitive, however, I can easily picture the characters. Overall, this book is a quick, simple, and sweet read perfect for a beach or weekend getaway.

Book Blurb for Love My Children First

Toby Jacobson is a happily married father of four with a fifth child on the way, but a sinister illness lurks in the shadows. A month after the birth of his daughter, the unimaginable happens when his wife, Sydney, dies after suffering a brain bleed. Facing a future without her, Toby searches unsuccessfully for a live-in nanny to care for his children. Then a friend recommends a highly qualified but inexperienced former classmate. There is a catch, though. Cliff Turnbull is a man.

While managing life-threatening emergencies, emotional outbursts from grieving children, antagonistic parents, a meddling mother’s interventions, and memories of Sydney, images of a gay, youthful fling return to Toby. Physical yearnings begin to surface in Cliff. In the ensuing weeks, as a smoldering physical attraction begins to grow between them, Toby and Cliff travel a tumultuous path while they try to regain some semblance of order and a build new life for the family. Through it all, Cliff remains steadfast in his support of Toby and the children as they slowly discover a depth of love that no one could have believed possible and a passion than neither could have imagined.

Be Warned: m/m sex, sex toys, rimming

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 3.50