Jilting the Duke

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Jilting the Duke

The Muses' Salon Series, #1

“Jilting the Duke” is a part of Rachael Miles’ The Muses Salon Series. There are some great parts to this book, such as the intrigue and secrets, however there are some not so great parts as well, such as the backstory of the main characters and the overused storyline. The heroine who is forced to marry a man she doesn’t love is a storyline I’ve read many, many times. I was hoping with the hero being a spy there would be a new twist on this plot but there was not.

The hero, I think, is portrayed as the wrong doer, while the heroine is portrayed as a martyr, and I prefer when the hero and heroine are on more equal ground. One secondary character even calls the hero a “coward” which doesn’t seem very heroic. The backstory is not as believable as I would like. The hero, Aidan, is made out to be a young dolt, and I really felt rather sorry for him. The heroine, Sophia, is said to be intelligent and independent, but falls for her aunt’s trick very easily.

With all this said, the antagonist was brilliant. He is spooky, cruel, and unforgiving. Which is everything I love in a villain. The fact that he is hiding in plain sight makes him even more dangerous and scary. The secrets and intrigues are wonderfully written by Miles, and I kept turning pages to find out all of Tom’s secrets. And the excitement surrounding the secrets kept the plot moving forward.

“Jilting the Duke” is filled with witty, imaginative secondary characters readers will love even more than the hero and heroine. Malcolm and Audrey and Ophelia were amusing and enjoyable to read about. I want to know more about Colin, Seth, and Judith, and the rest of the Aidan’s and Sophia’s family. Overall this was a quick, easy read, with some great secondary characters and a terrifying villain.

With the death of her husband, Sophia and her young son Ian, return to England to start their life anew. Sophia doesn’t want any surprises to trip up her new life, but when Aidan Somerville, Duke of Forster, is named Ian’s guardian Sophia knows she’s in trouble. He’s the man she loved but didn’t marry, and she’s surprised at how quickly her feelings return. When someone threatens her life, Sophia and Aidan must put the past aside to keep Sophia and her son alive and discover all of Sophia’s late husband’s secrets.

Book Blurb for Jilting the Duke

Broken Promise, Broken Heart

Aidan Somerville, Duke of Forster, is a rake, a spy, and a soldier, richer than sin and twice as handsome. Now he is also guardian to his deceased best friend’s young son. The choice makes perfect sense—except that the child’s mother is the lovely Sophia Gardiner, to whom Aidan was engaged before he went off to war. When the news reached him that she had married another, his ship had not yet even left the dock.

Sophia does not expect Aidan to understand or forgive her. But she cannot allow him to stay her enemy. She’s prepared for coldness, even vengeance—but not for the return of the heedless lust she and Aidan tumbled into ten years ago. She knows the risks of succumbing to this dangerous desire. Still, with Aidan so near, it’s impossible not to dream about a second chance…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.50