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Noble Passions Book 5

"Folly" is one of the best historical romances I've ever read. "Folly" has everything I like about romances; a handsome, mysterious hero, a strong, but vulnerable heroine, comical side characters, a cruel villain, and just the right amount of a physical relationship between characters. York keeps the romance going, while keeping the book a page-turner. I couldn't put down. York's descriptions really bring both the characters and the scenery to life. I felt for both Eleanor and Ethan, and I appreciated York giving Ethan a soft side. The only character I feel I could know more about is the villain. The ending has a great twist, and I was both sad and content to finish this book. York really knows how to write a truly steamy, exciting, and satisfying romance. I would definitely read more from York.

A penniless widow and living with her cruel in-laws, Lady Eleanor Ulster knows the only way to save herself is by providing an Ulster heir. She sneaks off to a masked party and meets a handsome stranger and seduces him, hoping to make the heir she so desperately needs. What Eleanor doesn't know is the stranger's true identity is Colonel Pennington, her late husband's sworn enemy. When Pennington hears of Eleanor's problem, he thinks this is a perfect way to get revenge on Ulster. He promises to help Eleanor, just so long as she agrees to do whatever he asks of her.

Book Blurb for Folly

Widowed and threatened with penury by her heartless in-laws, Eleanor--Lady Ulster--hatches a plot to save herself. Determined to produce the Ulster "heir", she seduces a stranger at a tawdry masquerade. Little does she know, this magnificent masked lover is none other than her husband's greatest nemesis. And God knows Ulster had plenty.

Ethan Pennington is mortified to arrive at a house party and discover Lady Ulster in attendance. He has wanted her and hated wanting her--his enemy's bride--for years. When he overhears Eleanor's predicament and her plans to place a cuckoo in the Ulster nest, he is more than willing to oblige. The opportunity to finally claim her--while taking the revenge he craves--is more than he can resist. Ethan strikes a bargain with Eleanor, promising to provide her with the heir she so desperately needs...if she will meet his needs in return. Every decadent one of them.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.50