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"Falsify" is a young adult must read. Mystery, teenage rebellion, and love make "Falsify" an interesting and exciting read. Tina must learn life lessons such as giving back and responsibility. Teen readers will be able to relate to Tina's rebellion and trouble with her parents.

Billy is both the handsome love interest and the vulnerable victim who will teach Tina to help others. Teens will find Tina and Billy's love story gratifying.

The mystery Tina finds herself caught up in keeps the book moving and thrilling. The ending is uplifting and satisfying, and many readers may find they don't want this story to end.


Tina has been in some trouble and her parents decide to send her to her grandmother's in small town Texas. At first Tina finds Texas unbearable. But when she meets bad boy Billy, she decides Texas isn't all bad. While cleaning out the attic Tina discovers her grandmother's journal. She reads about a murder her grandmother may have committed. Tina is determined to figure out this mystery even if it means getting into even more trouble.

Book Blurb for Falsify

After one too many tangles with trouble, fifteen-year-old Tina Tolliver has been sentenced to spend the summer in Truth, Texas with her no-nonsense grandmother.

Being an only child from Los Angeles, Tina finds life in a small town intolerable and devises a plan in hopes of earning a one way ticket back home to her friends. But when she meets sexy, bad boy Billy Preston, she wonders if staying around might be worth her while.

Her punishment includes cleaning out the attic in the unbearable southern heat. While there she discovers a journal from fifty years ago which contains details of an unsolved murder—which may have involved her grandmother.

Armed with this shocking new information, Tina delves into mystery and adventure bigger than her crush on Billy and soon learns that sometimes living a lie is the only way to survive in Truth.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00