A Soldier For Christmas

A Soldier for Christmas is a great read, but does have an overused historical storyline. The basis is that a southerner falls for a northerner during the Civil War. But it’s not easy to find historical romances set during this time period, so I was more than happy to try this one out. I did wish some of the side characters would have had more depth, and some of the story progressed almost too quickly. Overall it is an easy read and was easy to follow.

The characters were extremely likable, and I enjoyed reading about them from the very beginning. I really like how Trevor never denies his feelings for Marybeth. Usually, the male romance character tries to hide his feelings, and it can become tiresome waiting for him to finally realize he doesn't have to. Trevor knows his feelings and always tries to do what he thinks is right. Marybeth is a strong character, who does everything for her family. Her family is very likable. Granny is funny and stubborn, and Dane and Sally are sweet and loveable. I really enjoyed the unexpected twists and the one at the end left me with a smile. A Soldier for Christmas is an uplifting romance that will put any reader in the holiday mood.

The Civil War is in full swing and Marybeth, a southerner, is doing the best she can to support her family. One day she unexpectedly meets Trevor Sutton, a northern soldier. Around Christmas, and just when Marybeth and Trevor discover their feelings for each other, the war reaches Marybeth's home. She and her family must flee, while Trevor goes back into the fighting. Will Marybeth and Trevor see each other again, and will they have a Christmas after all?

Book Blurb for A Soldier For Christmas

Southern belle Marybeth Dawson discovers Santa Claus can't cross the Mason Dixon line--but handsome Union soldier Trevor Sutton can.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00