A Lady's Prerogative

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A Lady's Prerogative

Lord Love a Lady Book 2

“A Lady’s Prerogative” is the second book in Annabelle Anders' Lord Love a Lady Series. The story is sweet, simple, and charming and romance readers will find themselves immersed in the world Anders has created from the very first page. Natalie is a charming and well written heroine who knows her place in society, but still believes she can push the boundaries a bit to find true love. Her kind heart and determined demeanor will have readers wishing she will succeed in finding her true match. And what a match she makes with Garrett Castleton. With a complicated backstory, compassion, and a desire to prove himself someone different than his villainous father, he makes the perfect other half for Natalie. Their banter is fun to read and believable, and their romance steamy with instant chemistry. Anders throws in a few plot twists and turns, which will keep the readers’ attentions and will only further prove how right Natalie and Garrett, are for each other. The secondary characters, such as Natalie’s parents, brothers, and Aunt Eleanor are enjoyable characters full of personality, and help to move the storyline forward. The setting will help readers picture the world in which Natalie and Garrett inhabit, and creates just the right atmosphere for a romance. Historical romance readers will thoroughly enjoy, “A Lady’s Prerogative.”

Lady Natalie Spencer has created a scandal among the ton by ending her engagement to the Duke of Cortland. However right the match might have been, she found she could not marry a man in love with another. Now she is sent to the country with strict rules on how to behave with the hope of recovering her reputation. However, Natalie now is more determined to find true love, and when her brother’s friend, Garrett Castleton, Earl of Hawthorne decides to stay with the family for a time, Natalie finds herself instantly drawn to the man. But his reputation is not above reproach and his late father’s even less so, and Natalie’s not sure if she should do as she is told or pursue her connection with Garrett and once again risk her reputation this time perhaps beyond repair.

Book Blurb for A Lady's Prerogative

It’s not fair. Titled rakes can practically get away with murder, but one tiny little misstep and a debutante is sent away to the country. Which is where Lady Natalie Spencer is stuck after jilting her betrothed. Frustrated with her banishment, she’s finished being a good girl and ready to be a little naughty. Luckily she has brothers, one of whom has brought home his delightfully gorgeous friend.

After recently inheriting an earldom, Garrett Castleton is determined to turn over a new leaf and shed the roguish lifestyle he adopted years ago. His friend’s sister, no matter how enticing, is out-of-bounds. He has a run-down estate to manage and tenants to save from destitution.

Can love find a compromise between the two, or will their stubbornness get them into even more trouble?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.00