Too Many Fairy Princes

Too Many Fairy Princes is an interesting and quirky, yet fun story of worlds colliding and the aftermath of the meeting. Author Alex Beecroft did a wonderful job of writing the differences between the two main characters. Joel for the most part stayed the same, sweet, gentle and kind, but a bit clumsy and not very self-assured. Kai or Kjartan as he is called at home, changed from cold, uncaring and unfeeling to a more human type of elf.

Kai is an Elf prince, living with his dead father and brothers, in a land were emotions and caring is forbidden by law. Through machinations of the re-animated dead father, a battle between the siblings is set in motion for the crown of the kingdom. When Kai’s brother Tyrnir tries to kill him at the funeral of the younger brother Kai escapes into the human realm. There he meets Joel.

Joel is a sad and depressed human going through the motions of his life. His relationship with his lover Oscar is over; his boss has left him holding the debt of his art gallery to a ruthless loan shark. This loan shark, named Drake, sends goons to recover of the money owed him by Joel’s boss. Joel, with the help of his Tai Chi, sends the goons back worse for the wear. That just send Drake to take care of this debt himself.

What follows is the journey Kai takes to becoming more at home with his emotions. Joel’s discovery of himself and his backbone, learning to take charge and cope with what life throws at him. They both learn that not everything they’ve been told from birth is true, that there are good and bad in both races.

This story has fun characters, evil characters, strange characters, and a very wide range of them. It’s also a case of “God Save the Queen”! And you’ll have to read the book to find out what that means. You’ll keep rooting for Joel to be able to save the gallery and to get his happy ending; he is that nice of a guy. And you keep hoping that Kai will find his emotions and realize that they aren’t a bad thing and that Joel maybe the best thing that’s happened to him. At first the writing style was different enough to make it hard to follow, but as I got used to it the story came to life and was a great read.

Book Blurb for Too Many Fairy Princes

Happily ever after doesn’t always come quietly. Sometimes it puts up a fight.

Kjartan’s family is royally dysfunctional. He’d prefer to ignore the lot of them, but can’t since his father has set him and his brothers on a quest to win a throne Kjartan doesn’t even want. Worse, his younger brother resorts to murder and forces Kjartan to teleport—without looking where he’s going.

Art gallery worker Joel Wilson’s day has gone from hopeless, to hopeful, then straight to hell. One minute he’s sure his boss has found a way to save the floundering business, the next he’s scrambling to sell everything to pay off a loan shark. If anyone needs a fairy godmother right now, it’s Joel. What he gets is a fugitive elven prince in a trash bin.

They’ll both have to make the best of it, because fairy tales run roughshod over reluctant heroes. Particularly when there aren’t enough happy endings to go around.

Warning: This sweet romance contains a starving artist trying to scrape together a living, extreme sibling rivalry, royalty behaving outrageously, and elves being unreasonably beautiful, grotesque or deadly.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00