Slick Competition

Slick Competition is an enjoyable read with a plot that pulls you into and along with the flow of the story. It is well written with engaging characters. There are some that you love, some you like and maybe one you don’t want to like at all.

There is Mitchell who you love from the start. Mitchell is the new guy, hoping to make his mark at his new job and impress his boss. He is likable, fun and ready to love. He also has a fascination with lube. So he invents his own and tries to figure out how to make it better, closer the real thing, which in his mind is cum. It’s something he’s been working on for a while now.

There Kayden, who you hate at the beginning and love at the end. Kayden, hated by the rest of his co-workers, he is okay with being hated. He does what he has to and he needs to keep his job for the greatest of reasons, his grandmother. And he’ll do whatever it takes to keep.

The secondary characters run the gamut, from funny and likable to the not so great. Zeke and Van, are they lover? Will they ever get together and have a happy ever after? Beau, cold and unfeeling, a character you love to hate and can’t wait to see get his comeuppance.

When Beau looks for a new product for his adult business for gay men, he makes it a contest for his employees. The prize is a lot of money, one that all of the guys want, but that Kayden needs. Is Kayden ready to do anything to win that money, even betray a new love? And if he does, can he ever make it right again.

This was a great story and author Mandy Harbin does look to have left room for more stories set in this world. Or at least I hope there are more. Van and Zeke need a story, as does the unemotional Beau. Here is hoping form more.

Book Blurb for Slick Competition

Mitchell Hill might be gay, but working for a business specializing in sexual products for men makes it hard for him…in more ways than one. When his new boss announces a contest to find an innovative product to launch nationally, Mitchell blurs the line between personal and professional by deciding to submit a lubricant he’d created for himself. One problem—he has to get the approval of his boss’s sexy assistant, a man he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about, in very carnal ways, since first seeing.

Kayden Wright has heard nothing but insane ideas about products until newcomer Mitchell walks into his office. He’s thrilled with the lube idea…and turned-on by the man before him. He always maintains a professional demeanor—he needs this job to deal with the mountain of medical bills piling at his door. But when Mitchell kisses him, he loses his steely control. Not easily willing to trust others, Kayden mistakes innocence for treachery and the two men start a roller-coaster relationship filled with lies, deceit…and smoldering sex.

A Romantica® gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00