Polyester Prince

ABQ Heat, #2

Lighthearted and fun, this was a great story that was easy to read. It made you feel good even through the ups and downs of Kyle and Isaac as they navigated their way to each other. The main characters are so well-written; you love and want to shake Kyle when his fears make him want to back off. You hold your breath hoping that Isaac doesn’t push Kyle to hard.

I loved Kyle, out and proud, a self-professed 'love them and leave them' type of guy. Life is all about the next conquest. And he’s all about the gay lifestyle. He’s quirky and fabulously fun. And yet he wonders, as he looks at his friends, Neil and Benji, and their life together, is he missing something? Yet, at the same time, the thought of commitment gives him the willies. So what is he doing with Isaac?

I also loved the character of Isaac; he seems easygoing and rather laid back. And yet there was a quiet intensity about him too, he’s steady and sure. He’s a perfect contrast to Kyle. He’s gentle and easygoing in his pursuit of Kyle. It was fun to watch the journey of their relationship, with Kyle being scared to call it that and Isaac not wanting to scare Kyle off.

This is the second story in the Albuquerque Heat series, but it can stand alone. I hadn't read the first story before doing this review. It was easy to understand the relationships between the secondary characters and the main ones here.

Book Blurb for Polyester Prince

Sequel to Paid Leave

Kyle Edington built his life around clubs, alcohol, nameless sex, and turning a blind eye to his future, but having front row access to his best friend’s perfect relationship leaves him wanting something he doesn’t understand—the white picket fence. After an ankle injury hinders his plans for PrideFest and puts his day job selling furniture at risk, Kyle attends Pride anyway to cheer himself up. Leaving his crutches at home was a mistake, though, and he’s shoved off balance and hits his head.

A bike officer keeps him safe until the paramedics arrive. Kyle’s memory of the event is foggy. He doesn’t recall the name or face of his guardian angel, but he definitely remembers the finest polyester-covered ass in all of Albuquerque.

But when he goes in search of his polyester prince, Kyle realizes relationships take hard work. After he learns the name of that perfect ass, a lifetime of avoiding serious boyfriends leaves Kyle second-guessing himself and making difficult decisions about what he wants for his future.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00