Hound Dog & Bean

On a basic level this is just a great, make-you-feel-good story. It is both a character- and plot-driven story which adds so much to the depth of this book. This story is about more than just the sex. The characters are multifaceted, well-rounded people, with flaws and all. Bean’s need to iron was a cute little quirk. I was intrigued by both Hound Dog and Bean. Both were written so that they were easy to visualize. The contrast between the two is great and yet works to make the story better.

Bean wants more than a Mr. Right for Now. But he hasn’t even seen anyone who remotely sparks his interest. So he’s content to just roast his coffee beans and serve the best coffee he knows how. Enter HD, a cutie who sparks more than just an interest. This is the most interest that Bean has had in another man in quite some time. HD is about to be attacked, so what can Bean do but try to save the day? And, as HD keeps coming to care more for the man who saved him, Bean finds more and more about HD that he wants to love. But how does Bean get around the prickly exterior that HD has set up around his heart?

HD loves animals more than most people. Really, he does, so he works for a no-kill shelter. And he won’t let his precious fur-babies go to just any home. So, when someone he doesn’t consider worthy wants one, he has to say ‘No’. Except this guy doesn’t want to take no for an answer. When there is an altercation at the local coffee shop with this guy, in steps Bean, who HD wants to know more about. But HD is scared to commit. He would rather just keep things simple, a constant flow of one-night stands. But Bean doesn’t do one-night stands.

The secondary characters in the story also added a great deal to this story. I loved Bean’s staff at the shop, trying to set him up. Mara was fun to watch, And Elaine as HD’s co-worker was great as well. And Bean’s Mom was a hoot.

B. G. did a masterful job weaving the story for the two of them to fall in love. HD has to get around his fears, and actually work for a relationship, falling for someone like Bean. This is a great story of opposites attract. And the coffee facts thrown in were very interesting and informative too.

Book Blurb for Hound Dog & Bean

There's been little love in H.D. "Hound Dog" Fisher's life since the death of his beloved mom when he was a boy. Bounced around the foster care system, he ran away as soon as he could… and took the foster dog with him. As far as he's concerned, only dogs have no ulterior motive, never hold a grudge, and offer unconditional love. Now he helps run a no-kill shelter and leaves relationships where they belong: in the back room.

"Bean" Alexander settled in Kansas City to open his coffee shop after years of traveling. He never expected to open his heart too. When a man with a grudge takes a swing at H.D. while in line at Bean's shop, Bean jumps to intervene.

So taking a hit for H.D. gets Bean noticed, and H.D. feels obligated to pay a debt. But then the unexpected happens. A series of misadventures causes H.D. to open up—but falling in love makes him turn tail and run. Trust is a tough road to travel. Will good friends, a dog named Sarah Jane, and a bit of folk magic be enough to bring Hound Dog and Bean a happy ending?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00