Knots, #3

This is a return to the world of the Arizona wolf pack and the kink club called Knots. The world here has been expanded to include Irons, a tattoo shop. I was glad to see that the author added to her world, creating depth and layers to these new characters in this second story in the series.

This story is about Charlie, a gentle soul, a human who is without a Dom. His last Master had whipped him, had sex with him and then un-collared him. He hasn’t had the pain that he needs. So he’s going to pay for a tattoo that should give him some of what he needs. And he only wants the best artist to do the tattoo for him, Troy James.

Master Troy as he is known as at Knots is not only a were-wolf and a Dom, he’s the best tattoo artist at Irons under his own name of Troy James. When Charlie comes in, Troy smells his mate. The whole time he’s doing the tattoo he’s fighting his wolf who wants to pounce, claim and explain later. But Charlie is human, so he has to rein in his wolf and go slow. Of course the path to love isn’t easy, and so it isn’t here either, Charlie gets scared and runs, leaving behind a growling wolf.

I love that the author made these characters multi-dimensional. Like Charlie, soft and vulnerable yet with some back bone. Troy is the big bad Dom, but he’s written with enough insecurity to be lovable and gentle to Charlie when he needs to be. This was a great third story in this series and I’m hoping that there are a few more stories coming.

Book Blurb for Cuffed

Charlie has been without a Master for a few months and has spent that time settling into a life that doesn’t depend on someone else. He still aches to submit, except after all this time, it’s no longer a “have to” thing, but a “want to” thing. Well, until he walks into the tattoo shop Irons, and decides that the artist there belongs in the “bend me over and do evil things to me” column.

Troy’s wolf is vibrating beneath his skin, growling, clawing, and snarling to get closer to sweet Charlie. He’d always seen the human man with his Master at the local mostly-werewolf BDSM club, Knots, and the sight excited him like nothing else. But it isn’t until the man walks into his tattoo shop without a collar that he realizes why his beast howls when he catches sight of Charlie. The gentle, submissive human is his mate. After inking him, Troy is dying to make sure his man is cuffed and claimed. Forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.50