Brad's Bachelor Party

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Brad's Bachelor Party

A satisfying read, one that takes you through feelings most of us have at one time or another. What do you do when the one you love doesn't love you? How do you deal with losing your best friend, because of it? How do you stop your friend when you know that they’re making the biggest mistake of their lives? And how do you protect your own heart through all of this? I loved that the author was able to make you feel the character’s emotions.

Cole, shy and introverted, has been in love with his best friend for years. And the one time he acts on it causes a major rift between the best friends. To protect himself, he leaves. But when Brad wants him to be his best man, well what’s a friend supposed to do? Time and distance should have helped, but as soon as he sees Brad, all the old feelings come back. And that fact that Brad is marrying for the wrong reasons just makes Cole feel helpless. Mixed signals from Brad don’t help either.

Brad, who is laid back and a go with the flow type person, is torn, he wants his best friend. And maybe he wants him for more than just as his best friend. He doesn't understand why he’s pushing the boundaries between them, trying to blur the line between friendship and lovers. He knows he’s not in love with his fiance, but he feels he needs to protect his brother. And this is the best way to do that. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, and sometimes you need to have faith in those around you. Sometimes you need to follow your heart.

The characters are an interesting contrast and are with well-rounded complete people. The secondary characters are a hoot and add another dimension to the story with their shenanigans. The story flows along smoothly, pulling you towards the ending. The book is a beautifully written story, as all of Rivers’ books are.

Book Blurb for Brad's Bachelor Party

In college, geeky med student Cole Winston fell for his best friend, Brad Kelly. The bold, brash charmer was everything Cole wasn't: confident, popular, and straight. Unfortunately Cole's secret blew up in his face, and he walked away.

Years later, when Brad needs help, he calls Cole. Now a respected trauma surgeon, Cole has learned not to risk his heart and is ready to be Brad's friend again. Things go well until Brad asks Cole to be his best man.

With both his parents dead, Brad never would have survived college or his brother's rounds of drug rehab without Cole. The five-year gap in their friendship was painful.

Now Brad's got his best friend back, a kick-ass job, and is engaged to the CEO's daughter. Life is great...until a hot encounter at his bachelor party leaves both men reeling. The sexual tension between the two is off the charts. Brad has commitments he needs to keep, but how can he go through with the wedding when he can't stop thinking about Cole?

And how can Cole stand beside his friend and watch him get married, especially now that he realizes he still loves Brad?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50