Victim of Desire

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Victim of Desire

A captivating Romantic Suspense with exceptionally well-drawn and heart-warming family dynamics.

Rachel is loving mom to three precocious daughters who is lonely even though her life is busy and her career fulfilling. As a young woman, Rachel was a fan-favorite on a daily soap opera. Now, someone fixated on that na‹ve and easily seduced character, is stalking her. The tension mounts as Rachel and her family must deal with the menace. When a police officer who is on leave for personal reasons offers to protect Rachel and investigate possible suspects, the stalker becomes even more unbalanced and unpredictable.

It is rare to find a story about a single mom with three children where the children are very much central to the storyline. I loved the dialogues between the sisters and especially between the rebellious fourteen-year-old and her exasperated mom. I think sometimes there was a bit of over-sentimentality, but actually it just made me love this book all the more. The suspense element was creatively handled so that the tension continually mounted as the story unfolded. This novel can be enjoyed easily by women of any age. It is a feel-good story and great entertainment for a lazy afternoon.

Book Blurb for Victim of Desire

Ex-soap star, Rachel Carpenter, is a single mom coping with the daily problems of raising three daughters and operating her bookstore in the Napa Valley wine country. Kane Lafferty is a burned out police detective struggling with his own demons. The attraction between the two is immediate, though they both have reasons to avoid a relationship. At a wilderness camp in the High Sierra, their passion grows. But someone is watching. A man obsessed with Rachel since her soap star days is determined to have her at any cost. Danger mounts as the stalker’s reign of terror escalates. Kane risks his life to protect Rachel and her daughters, but can he uncover the predator’s identity in time? Or will Rachel have to sacrifice herself and her relationship with Kane to save her family?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.25