The Steel Deal

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The Steel Deal

Drawn into the story immediately, I was amazed at the wonderful originality of thought within the sentences. Mr. Blakely conveys ideas with uniqueness rarely encountered; no worn-out, tired clichés. I absolutely fell in love with this author’s voice and style. The sentences are particularly well-constructed, fluid, and contained phrases that helped me visualize the story and the characters’ personalities especially well.

The whole idea of sentient steel fascinated me, and the ramifications of such a technology kept me trying to second-guess where the story was headed. There were multiple twists and the whole escapade finally unfolded to an ending that was logical, though somewhat of a letdown to this Fox Mulder fan.

This is an exciting story of industrial espionage, trendy technology, shifty villains, and an intelligent courier. Told in first person, I was kept entertained and fully engaged as Sonny Busco figured out smart solutions to the difficulties he faced while responsible for the contents of a briefcase that could potentially revolutionize society. I hope Sonny returns in future adventurous frolics.

Book Blurb for The Steel Deal

At 55, big city sleuth Sonny Busco is sinking deep into debt and distrust when suddenly he’s thrown a lifeline. The chief assistant to a prominent university professor offers $2500 for safe delivery of a confidential briefcase to Santa Fe, NM. Sonny accepts, thinking it’s easy money. That is until he learns of the case’s contents: an amazing alloy called sentient steel. Soon, Sonny risks life, liberty, and property to keep the revolutionary invention from falling into a wicked whirlwind of men and women in black, whose mission is to secure sentient steel for what appears to be the other side. But in a city full of smog and cynicism, things are rarely what they appear to be.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50