The Pack

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The Pack

Simon Burns expected a substantial promotion; instead, he is unceremoniously fired. Unemployed, in a recessive economy, Simon reluctantly becomes a stay-at-home dad and daytime caregiver of the couple's three-year-old son, Jeremy.

One day Simon and Jeremy are at an unfamiliar park - a slight change from their normal daily routine, when Simon encounters three other dads, also with sons about Jeremy's age. The men are friendly, supportive, and their sons and Jeremy seem to hit it off, too. As the story unfolds, the friendships slowly deepen, as well. Simon appreciates the camaraderie, and his wounded ego, that took such a beating when he was fired, begins to recover. Then something weird happens, and Simon wakes to discover he has changed. His senses become more acute, and his stamina becomes unflagging; along with almost inexhaustible reserves of energy, he also has a persistent craving for red meat. Simon is perplexed by these changes, but his sex life also improves one-hundred-fold; he and his wife reap the benefits of a new-found desire and closeness. But the mutilations begin, Simon becomes a suspect, and his nightmare is only beginning.

This unique tale of urban werewolves, vengeance, friendship, and duty kept me flipping pages late into the night. I just could not put the book down. I became totally immersed in Simon's struggles and caught up in the events as he lived them. The tale is unpredictable and unwraps flawlessly to the stunning conclusion. It is a completely satisfying read that appears to be setting up a strange and dangerous world, of which most people are unaware, as the backdrop for a new, amazing series.

Book Blurb for The Pack

"Jason Starr is hypnotically good." -Lee Child

When Simon Burns is fired from his job without warning, he takes on the role of stay-at-home dad for his three-year-old son. But his reluctance pushes his already strained marriage to the limit. In the nestled playgrounds of the Upper West Side, Simon harbors a simmering rage at his boss's betrayal.

Things take a turn when he meets a tight-knit trio of dads at the playground. They are different from other men Simon has met, stronger and more confident, more at ease with the darker side of life- and soon Simon is lured into their mix. But after a guys' night out gets frighteningly out of hand, Simon feels himself sliding into a new nightmarish reality.

As he experiences disturbing changes in his body and his perceptions, he starts to suspect that when the guys welcomed him to their "pack," they were talking about much more than male bonding. And as he falls prey to his basest instincts, Simon must accept that werewolves exist if he is to turn the tides of his fortune...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50