The Dark Man's Son

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The Dark Man's Son

Jason’s world-view is dealt a savage blow. Rescued by a beautiful, mysterious woman after he is accosted and attacked by two goons, Jason is flummoxed by her outrageous claims. Emphatically disregarding her advice he tells her to beat feet.

Later that night, however, Jason has another strange encounter with another shady character; he brusquely turns down another weird proposition. However, events continue to spiral out of control, and Jason reluctantly begins to accept that he has a pivotal role to play in an ongoing battle.

Deftly interweaving mythical and magical elements, the story begins simply enough but rapidly gains complexity as the reader is challenged to re-examine long-held beliefs. Some historical events are presented from a fresh perspective. The short historical scenes and episodes provide context and motivation that otherwise would surely have been lacking. Jason is a likeable, albeit snarky, hero with an intriguing voice in this novel. At times, I found some of the mythical references confusing, but that is most likely because I am not particularly knowledgeable on the subject. Overall, I enjoyed the read, and hope there will be more adventures to come.

Book Blurb for The Dark Man's Son

She claimed the muggers were demons, but of course Jason didn’t believe her. At first.

When a mysterious woman appears in a dirty alley to rescue Jason Latimer from a pair of muggers, he tries to write her off as a garden variety lunatic. But he can’t shake the memory of her intense green eyes that seemed to flash gold, or the glowing sword she’d worn on her hip.

She calls herself Alex (no last name) like she’d made it up on the spot, and she offers Jason her protection. From what, she can’t or won’t say. He refuses, and that night he dreams of a dark man with the same offer. His black eyes flash blood and garnet, and he smells of burning things. Jason refuses him, too.

A chance meeting brings Alex and Jason together again, and she tells him of the Guardians: two immortal beings created near the beginning of time with the express purpose of fighting for mortal-kind’s soul. She is Light, and the man from Jason’s dream is Dark. Jason must choose, because Lucifer, for reasons purely his own, has unleashed the armies of Hell to hunt Jason down.

But there are things about Jason that not even he knows, and he’ll face hard truths and bitter choices as he struggles to find his place in a world redefined. Will he rise to the challenge, or, when the time comes, will he falter?

From Renaissance Florence to the French Revolution, from World War II to the modern streets of New Orleans, The Dark Man’s Son is a riveting journey filled with unforgettable characters, wry humor, dark twists, and a touch of romance.

A modern urban fantasy with mythological elements.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00