Commonwealth Universe - Modern Era: Sunsinger Chronicles Book 1

Told from the viewpoint of a young teen, this story easily captured my imagination. Mankind has spread to the stars. With the discovery of Knaught Points, ships are able to enter ports in space and emerge into whole new galaxies. These areas in space are beautiful, mysterious, and deadly. Now, though, humans everywhere are under attack by an aggressive and formidable alien species. Bain Kern is an orphan on a colony world that has been targeted by the aliens. He is among a group of orphans being evacuated from the colony. The captain of the ship, Sunsinger, takes a liking and interest in Bain, offering him an opportunity he had dreamed of for years, if he can prove his mettle and show her he can learn quickly.

I loved the description of the Sunsinger, an old trader vessel. I felt as if I were aboard the ship experiencing the many wonders of an infinite space for the first time, too. The aliens remain a decidedly malignant and frightening force throughout this book. Mankind is being systematically exterminated. We are given the idea that in other places the fight for the very survival of our species is taking place; we are desperately fighting against a stronger, merciless invading force. But this book does not take us to those struggles, rather it focuses on the evacuation and the attempt to get the orphans safely away to a place called Refuge. It is a well-told coming of age adventure that should not be missed.

Book Blurb for Sunsinger

Bain Kern wanted to crew a starship and explore the galaxies. But an orphan on a colony world in the path of an alien invasion had no real hope of his dreams ever coming true.

Then he met Captain Lin Fieran of "Sunsinger".

The other orphans stepped aboard to flee to safety, but Bain started on the adventure for the rest of his life.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.50