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Journey of the Damned, #3

Sydney Chance and her coven enlist the help of the Knight brothers to track and rescue Demetri Bastian from the insane clutches of Tara. Tara has spirited him away deep into the Brazilian rain forest, and will go to any lengths to keep Demetri with her and to force her way into his affections. Meanwhile, Sydney must learn to temper some astonishing new powers. She has her hands full with eager males vying for her attention and lining up to offer comfort, should Demetri be unsalvageable after enduring Tara’s brainwashing.

Scorned picks right up where Forbidden ended. Sydney is facing almost unbearable loss, but she is more determined than ever to keep her vampire family safe, rescue her dearest love, and constantly get into jams. I have to say, I absolutely adore her character! She is often impulsive and headstrong, which means she routinely finds herself in trouble or in situations that she never expected. This book, just like the previous one, Forbidden, was an absolute joy to read. Sydney may be impetuous, but she is also loyal and has a tenaciousness that would put bulldogs to shame. This was an adventurous romp that is fast-paced while still managing to convey intensely believable relationships and byplays between the characters. I have one small nit to pick and that is that too many times the word “glare” is used when I believe the look was, more appropriately, a stare. Still, this novel will have you chuckling one minute and gasping the next, and it undoubtedly has my recommendation for a fine way to relax on a cold, snowy afternoon.

Book Blurb for Scorned

Some journeys take you to distant lands, some to the end of the line, but some journeys take you straight into forever.

Sydney Chance found her immortal destiny in the arms of her creator, vampire Demetri Bastian. But life as a vampire has dealt them a shocking hand. Separated by a sinister foe, Sydney must circle the globe, desperately in search of the man she loves. Oceans and continents lie between them and danger lurks at every turn.

A female vampire alone for too long incites the natural attraction from every male within her proximity. Even a determined Sydney finds herself vulnerable to nature’s call and when her own feelings of doubt weaken her resolve, temptation becomes her enemy.

Can she fight the battle within or will it destroy her before her nemesis ever has a chance? Is it possible for a woman to love more than one man at a time or will fate make the decision for her? Love has a way of leading a heart to its destiny, but nobody said it was going to be easy. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50