Rising Green

I really enjoyed the science fiction part of this book. Workaholic botanist impregnated by an alien plant – loved that premise! Personally, however, I did not read anything in the story that was even remotely arousing. The description of how the ‘seduction’ took place was horrific, hardly erotic. While Sage instigated an abundance of graphically detailed sexual liaisons with her colleagues after the attack, the episodes seemed mechanical and forced, which, most likely, was the intent. Character development was minimal, but that is to be expected given the story’s short length. The ending left me unsatisfied, as well; too many questions remained.

Sage, a botanist, and only female in a group of scientists stationed on a remote island, sneaks out to get a closer look at a strange-looking plant that had earlier caught her eye. There she accidentally stumbles into a nightmare experience - creepy and terrifying. The foreign plant attacks her, binding and paralyzing her body. Then it embeds something inside her that radically alters her mindset and personality. She has no control over what she becomes next.

Book Blurb for Rising Green

Chaos erupts for members of a scientific expedition on a remote island when Sage, the team’s botanist, is impregnated with the spores of an alien plant form. She’s always been the crew’s “ice princess” but now something’s changed. Now something is driving her, raging through her, compelling her to screw every man on the desolate, godforsaken rock. Again and again and again.

What the very appreciative men don’t realize is that each illicit interaction, each hedonistic commingling, takes its toll on them as well. And no one can survive the torturous pleasure unscathed.

Reader Advisory: Forget happy endings and get ready for steamy erotic horror that will shock you even as it turns you on. Book Length: Quickie

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.00