Nobility Ranch

I quite enjoyed this romantic adventure set in the Texas Panhandle of 1882. When Cecily Thorndale's reluctant fianc‚ shows no inclination of returning to England, she follows him to Texas. Cecily steps off the train in Fairweather, Texas, and is unceremoniously hauled off to jail by the stiff-necked sheriff, along with her maid and three soiled doves whom she had innocently befriended during the long train ride.

I was caught up in the story immediately, never expecting that both Cecily and Charles would worm their way into my heart to the extent they did. Cecily surprised me; determined to get her man, resourceful, intelligent, kind-hearted - she is a delightfully charming character. Charles, too, came across as knowledgeable, generous, and masculine even though he is bull-headed in his desire to avoid what he sees as a life of boredom and discontent that he believes awaits him if he returns to England. It was often quite funny watching him squirm on the end of Cecily's patiently baited hook as the story played out.

The secondary characters also enlivened this story. They were credible, and all seemed to perform their roles exceptionally well. The sense of time and place was well-executed, and I felt as if I had stepped back in time. I never expected that a story about two upper-crust English gentry transplanted to the rough Texan frontier would be as appealing and captivating as this unusual story turned out to be for me. If you enjoy western adventure with sweet romance, you should get this book.

Book Blurb for Nobility Ranch

Lady Cecily Thorndale won't take no for an answer. When her fiance shows signs of cold feet, she follows him to Texas to persuade him they make a perfect match.

Charles Worthington, Lord Silsbee, isn't so much running away from Cecily as trying to escape the life his father has planned for him. In Texas he discovers a freedom he never knew. Marrying Cecily could put an end to all that.

Though Cecily has long loved Charles, she never expected to fall in love with this new wild country. Now she's not so sure she wants to return to her life as a sheltered English rose. Will Cecily and Charles find a way to keep their freedom and allow love to bloom? 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25