This is the first book in a new series, Hunters of the Pack by this writing duo. Kiera is an outcast, hunted by other members of her pack because she disobeyed her Pack Master, Fenris, by tracking down the murderer of her beloved brother and exacting her revenge. Amris, Master of another nearby Lycan pack becomes Kiera’s defender. Amris had noticed the young woman several weeks earlier. Amris learns there is some sort of conspiracy afoot; he becomes convinced Kiera deserves the protection he and his pack can provide. Amris chooses Kiera as his mate. Unhappily, not everyone in the pack concurs and Kiera must win a difficult challenge against a formidable foe.

The attraction between Kiera and Amris was palpable. Both characters were remarkably easy to like and to relate to. I thought the descriptions of pack society were intriguing and entirely relevant to the story. There were quite a few secondary characters, but they were easily identifiable. In particular, I loved Silas. Silas grew up during the story; it was a pleasure watching him change from a scared, malleable boy into a young man of fortitude and fine character. I was completely wrapped up in the adventures and escapades Kiera and Amris shared until the final portion of the book. Personally, I thought the Bonding Ceremony was a let-down. However, the book ended well, and I look forward to reading the next book, Traitor.

Book Blurb for Huntress

Kiera Lunatier is on the run.

By human and Lycan standards, she is a murderess, though her target was the man who killed her brother. In the violent, secret world of Lycan society, vengeance was her right, and though her Pack Leader forbade it, she could not quell the bloodthirsty nature of the wolf.

Kiera was a Huntress, that rare female with the innate abilities and skill that made her equal to the men in her Pack.

Pack Master Amris Grey was haunted by the visions of Kiera from their meeting a month prior. She was his. He could feel it in his blood. She was everything he could want or need in a mate, and he was determined to have her.

When they clash, the sparks are explosive and the attraction even more so. Can they survive the growing tide of forces moving against them? Even if they do…can they survive each other?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 3.75